BGP speakers: Please help!

HISTORIC PAGE: This page is kept here for historic reasons, but it is no longer actively worked on. The work has advanced into 6bed4, a much more scalable solution due to its use of direct peer-to-peer connectivity whenever possible.

We would like some help from parties that are BGP speakers -- which we are not.

  1. We would like to choose an IPv4 address and IPv6 prefix to use for PubTSP
  2. This information should be usable by PubTSP instances everywhere
  3. PubTSP instances should be found by routers and broadcasted through BGP

We believe that this creates an opportunity for the rollout of IPv6-only applications:

We are hoping to create such a network in the routing infrastructure of the Internet. We created PubTSP to make it possible. PubTSP is completely stateless, so traffic can pass in or out in any direction, provided that all instances use the same public addresses on both the IPv4 and IPv6 side. And that is why we need help from BGP speakers!

Please talk to rick at openfortress dot Netherlands for more information. Or read what is new about Public TSP if you havent been convinced yet.