Socket6bed4 for Java

Socket6bed4 implements a class DatagramSocket6bed4 that makes IPv6 available on IPv4-only hosts, from within Java. Direct communication between peers is supported; the only times that 6bed4 peers communicate through a tunnel server is if a NAT or firewall on the path makes it impossible -- which is not the case for most users.

  • 6bed4 tunnel information
  • Code browsing at GitHub
  • Javadoc for 0.2.1
  • Maven inclusion in the Central Repository: I started the process, but it seems that Maven is not happy before it has taken over my entire system! It wants to control versioning (cluttering the git history), signing (endangering the security of my PGP installation) and lots more, all in an effort to turn my entire World into a Java World. I am not convinced that is a purpose in itself, and have decided not to waste any further time jumping through questionable hoops. Still, there is a suitable pom.xml so you can install it locally. And if anyone cares enough to checkin this project into the Central Repository they are welcome to discuss it with me.
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This work is part of porting for the SIP Peers Java SIP client to a 6bed4-using IPv6-anywhere soft phone. It also draws on the work on Android-6bed4.